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Month: November 2016

Crossfit and Paleo is it worth it?

Crossfit and Paleo is it worth it?

The creator of Crossfit, Greg Glassman said:

Eat meat, vegetables, nuts and seeds, a little fruit little products containing starch and no sugar, take care to consumed quantities of food were adequate to the scope of the exercise, but do not cause fat gain. Focus on the most important exercises: deadlift, plea, squats with barbells, bench press, Olympic toss and snatch.

Master the basic exercises: pulling up on the stick, squats, climbing the rope, push-ups, crunches, push-ups in standing on his hands, upheaval, twine and support.
Train on the bike, run, swim, paddle, etc. -intensive and easily, by five-six days a week combine these elements in as many combinations and layouts as much as comes into your mind.
Routine is the enemy number one. Let your training will be short and intense. Regularly learn and play new sports.

Many of the top players and players links crossfit and paleo even at the highest level.

Julie Foucher, who took second place in 2012 at Reebok Crossfit Games the eleventh in 2015. in an interview with the WODtalk describes its origins from the paleo:

I expected that I’d feel a lot worse, but it was not so bad, there were a few days when I felt slow during training, but after the second or third week. I started to notice a change in the positive sense of the word.
Now I feel better throughout the day, I have more energy, I do not feel or slow or tired after meals, in my WATER I have something extra, which allows me to force yourself to an increased effort.

Cross fit training and paleo diet

After passing on paleo in all cases, repeated the same story, increase strength and energy loss of body fat and gain muscle mass. Thanks to the paleo also reduces recovery time after injury. For the most part and crossfit and paleo is not a fad or infatuation, but a way of life.

That is why I invite all crossfit people to try out paleo, and all who are already paleo to try their hand at crossfit.